This article covers one of the most asked questions we’ve got over the past several years in business, “What are the differences between Japanese and Swiss Replica Watches” and “Are the Japanese watches exactly the same to the Swiss ones apart from the machinery” 

A little background on Replica watches Production from Replicahause : 

Replicahause offers watches equipped with both Swiss and Japanese machineries over the past several years with our prime focus now on the Swiss watches. 

Both types of watches, Japanese and Swiss, are assembled under the utmost high quality control procedures and craftsmanship there is possible. We put great care into building each watch in order to have them replicated as close to the originals and maintains a long durability as well. 

Japanese machinery equipped and Swiss machinery equipped watches are entirely different from one another and you will find the reasons listed as follows: 


Due to Japanese watches housing a movement that is quite different to the originals, in some cases thicker and in some case smaller, this results in the casing thickness of the watch to be slightly off in measurements when compared with the originals. This also usually leads to the watch having to be slightly wider or narrower when compared to the originals which leads to differences in straps as well when compared to the genuine watches thus having slightly different cosmetic looks when compared with our Swiss or the original brand name watches. 

Japanese movements are quite basic, mostly Miyotas and OS020, they do not have functional chronograph movements in automatic as per the genuine. The movements are either Quartz with a functional stopwatch in Quartz for Chronograph watches or they’re entirely automatic for both chronograph watches without the ability to run a stopwatch/chronograph feature. Watches with sub dials on Japanese watches equipped with automatic movements will not have the sub dials working as per the genuine, instead they would be working as day/date and 12/24 hour counters. 

The materials used are high grade steel with ceramic bezels with visible marking differences when compared to the originals or the Swiss watches, primarily with the fonts and crispness of the markings over the watch. There would be no serials or certain markings which are available on our Swiss watches.  

All in all, our Japanese replicas are 70-80% close to the Genuine Swiss watches and they’re the first step you take when diving into the world of replica watches, most customers at usually buy a Japanese watch to test out our service, products quality, customer support levels, shipping timeframe and after sales service before ending up to buy a Swiss watch from us. 


Swiss movement watches have been introduced into the world of replica watches in the early 2010’s with only Panerai’s being built with Swiss movements and other brands followed suit in 2013 with all brands of watches now sold on Replicahause websites now available in Genuine Swiss ETA, Valjoux 7750, Unitas Hand wind and Calibre Movements. 

Swiss Watches production are done in much smaller batches, under very strict quality control and accuracy. Most Swiss Watches replication are done by dissecting an Original watch and having the watch replicated right from the machinery up to the smallest of the details available. 

What you will find in Swiss watches are, due to the original Swiss movements being used, the casings are of exact dimensions to the originals in terms of thickness and width. This ensures that all parts used on the watch are matching the originals as well. 

ETA Swiss movement watches will have a very smooth sweeping seconds hands, we’re looking at 3-4 ticks per second whereas the originals would be at exactly 5 ticks per second. A difference of 1 tick per second between the Swiss and originals are barely visible which allows the Swiss watches to have a very smooth sweeping seconds hands. 

Chronograph Swiss watches are equipped with Genuine Swiss Valjoux 7750 movements which enables the watch to have a functional stopwatch/chronograph feature as per the originals. All sub dials in our Chronograph Swiss watches would be functional as per the genuine with the ability to run in conjunction to the stopwatch feature. 

Certain Swiss watches equipped with power reserve indicators would also have the indicators working as per the genuine where you wind the watch and fill up the indicator shown on the dial of the watch. 

We have recently introduced 904L Steel on several of our Swiss Rolex watches, this grade of steel is the exact steel used by the originals. Bezels on our Swiss watches are of the exact same grade of the genuine, be it ceramic, CeraChrome or Titanium. 

Crystals used on our Swiss watches are genuine sapphires, coated on both sides to give you a complete clarity into the dial when looking at your watch, this feature has been improved a lot over the past several years. 

Below, you will find a video showing you differences between a Japanese watch and a Swiss movement, highlighting all points we’ve listed above to show you a clear differentiation between the two types of watches sold at Replicahause. 





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