The submariners (MODEL 116610LV) watches are a true legend, this has been one of the oldest replica watches available and we’ve seen several improvements on this watch with the best models now being the 904L Steel watches with the Original ETA 3135 machineries. 

Early in the days, the submariner watches were produced with Film Bezels, Japanese movements with flimsy straps and minimum details. 

The revisions we saw were in line with the release from Rolex with the Ceramic Bezel Submariners where the first version of this watch too was flimsy, equipped with Japanese movements and quite far from the originals. We saw the first serious models of the first Swiss Submariner Replica watch in 2013 where the watch had an exact casing width, thickness to the originals. The Crystals were clear and the straps were highly improved with no flimsiness feeling anymore. 

In early 2015, we saw our first Rolex replica Submariner with a Genuine ETA 2836-2 movement with a pure ceramic bezel that had the new style clasps with double locking mechanism and we then knew that this was the watch to look out for. 

From 2015 we’ve seen the watch being equipped with ETA 2534 and ETA 3135 movements with huge improvements on the dial, fonts, markings on bezels, straps quality and lastly the smoothness of the seconds hand movement. 

Rolex Submariner Swiss Replica
Rolex Submariner 2019 Revision

Our latest revision to the submariner watches were done in 2019 with the introduction of the 904L steel casings and straps with the latest style of Rolex clasps. This revision comes with a plastic packaging that is exactly the same as provided by Rolex, thus completing the replication procedure for a Rolex Submariner Replica Watch.