Rolex – Real VS Fake 

So, for those of you who like wearing cool watches, you definitely must have heard about or own a ‘Rolex’. But for those who don’t, this is an opportunity to know a little history about one of the most popular and expensive watch brands in the world.

Brief History- In 1905 Hans Wilsdorf along with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis founded the company that currently produces our beloved Rolex watched. He later traveled to Switzerland in 1919 due to several reasons and established the company name as the Rolex Watch Company, which was later changed to Rolex, SA.

Ever since then, the Rolex brand has been a symbol of style, class and pocket depth.

But in the world we live in, there are some of us who just cant afford the real thing, either due to a couple of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  1. 1.     It isn’t worth it.

Wrong! Contrary to the popular opinion that the Rolex watches aren’t what the amount of money used to purchase them, they actually are. In 1914, Kew Observatory awarded a Rolex watch a ‘Class A precision certificate’, a distinction normally granted exclusively to marine chronometers. This means that the Rolex watch could in fact, be classified as one of the most reliable markers of time, in the world.

  1. 2.     I don’t fancy it.

This is another excuse people tell themselves to make them feel okay that they can’t afford the real deal. The Rolex brand is one of class, and you would find out that the watch that you say isn’t to your taste would mean a whole lot more if it was suddenly gifted to you.

  1. 3.     There are other great watches out there.

Now, this is quite true. There are a ton of other great wristwatches that are just simply amazing and fall far below the price range of an authentic Rolex. However, the winner is in the brand name ‘Rolex’.

Haven given some of the popular reasons critics give for now wanting a Rolex, there is something else that you should know. There are over fifty million replicas or counterfeits to the Rolex currently circulating the markets, and some of these come at a pretty high price too. The ‘Rolex’ is now the world’s most fabricated time brand and with a matching number of counterfeits being sold in shops and markets worldwide.

So think about it. With an extremely high demand for the Rolex brand and an overwhelming increase in the number of customers willing to pay lesser for it, it was only a matter of time before companies began producing a replica or lookalike.

This increase in demand enabled the companies to discover that thousands of customers don’t necessarily have the money to get the real thing, but would however, be satisfied with a product that was similar in ways that was vaguely detectable, both in appearance and performance.

So why do some customers go for the counterfeit, even when they know it’s not the authentic? Or rather, why should they? A customer could go into a shop and the average price for a Rolex would be $10,000. On the other hand, a 1:1 Mirror Replica could cost just about $500-$1000. Of course, there are Rolexes that cost way more, as well as replicas, but we are looking at an average value.

Thinking about the amount of money you could save up is one thing, fooling all your friends who would never have a clue is another thing you can add to your checklist.

Again, thanks to technological advancements, you can now find an 100-percent copy of a Rolex Submariner replica in markets today. 

If you have a look at the watches with the high prices, you see they all revolve around $13,000, while one watch in particular is just barely $1,000. That saves you more than $9,000, per watch.

Apart from the fact that they are cheaper, let’s take a break. It is true that Rolex watches are amazing and are a pride to have, but what are their essential functions? To tell the time.

For someone who doesn’t go deep-sea diving or mountain diving, the only other reason why you would want to wear a watch is to complement your clothing. Having to spend thousands of dollars to get a watch when you have other expenses piling up is essentially a waste.

Nothing basically differentiates an authentic Rolex from a replica outside of a magnifying glass and its internal engines. They are generally the same, just that one costs more.

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