We’ve seen replica watches since the early 2000’s where watches were usually built by unskilled workshops with incomplete and in some cases more than the required details. We would often hear horror stories of watches working for only a week up to a few months before they fell apart, ceased to function or worse fall right off your wrist. 

This is in fact true and in the early years of business for Replicahause in 2004 we encountered these issues which prompted us to hire a research and development team to tackle this issue. 

We scoured several workshops and were able to located several skillful talents from all across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand and worked very closely with them to improve the watches over the past 15 years in business. 

We put our prime focus on small details, machinery, durability, accuracy or replication which led to an overall improvement in the look and feel of replica watches as a whole. 

Today, we can proudly say we have implemented several assembly techniques, materials sourcing procedures, replication procedures on par with the Originals 

We begin with the 904L Steel casing which was our greatest achievement in 2019, the introduction of 904L Steel into replica watches from Replicahause has led to the watches having a much higher casing quality compared to previous versions. 

Several watches such as our Omega Planet Ocean, Audemars Piguet offshore, Patek Philippe nautilus editions including Rolex now use machinery with the same exact alignment and assembly as per the genuine, which means if you open up the back of our watch and compare it with the originals, you wouldn’t find any differences whatsoever. 

The Crystals, rubber seals used in our watches, stems, Bezels are often acquired from factories producing for the Original brands which has given us a great opportunity to replicate the watches as closest to the real thing as possible. 

Gone are the days when you mention or show a replica watch to someone and they shrug their heads or show their displease. Today, you take a Swiss replica watch and compare it with the originals with pride and the comparison can fool a naked eye right away passing both watches as genuine rather than Fake watches. 

We continue to improve on our watches and have relied heavily on upcoming technology advancements to improve our watches a lot more and will not stop striving for excellence. 

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