Replica Watches have come a long way since the early 2000’s. Watches built back then were equipped with Chinese movements, built in bulks by people with minimum assembly skills without an eye for perfection. The assembly of the watches and casings would, a lot of times, lead to defects in products in early stages and that was where the upgrades have started. From a lot of trial, errors and failures it has led to this day where replica watches have been perfected to match the originals in both form and factor.

China made Watch Machinery
A Watch Machinery from early 2000’s

It wasn’t until 2014 that we have seen the watches machineries for replica watches being evolved entirely and being built with great durability and reliability as well.

The movements of the watches produced by the workshops includes Rolex 3135, 7750 Valjoux, ETA Movements and the Asian Seagull Handwind Movements.

Apart from the movements, the watch casings, straps, crystals have also seen a major upgrades. The casings used now in Rolex watches are built from 904L steel which is the same exact steel used in production of genuine Rolex Watches in Geneva. This was not easy to achieve and a lot of engineering and development has gone into perfecting the watch case which matches the originals.

Rolex Casing in 904L Steel
Rolex Casing in 904L Steel

Gold plating on the high end replica watches have been upgraded to 10.0 thick microns of gold which is above the watch making industry’s standard, allowing no room for oxidisation and thus leading to no dark spots or tarnishing of gold during use.

The Watch Dials are now carefully crafted by hand piece by piece allowing very high standards of accuracy in replication and details on the dials. One place you’ll see the obvious differences compared to previous versions are the font’s sharpness where you’ll see they have the same exact size and sharpness when compared to the originals side by side including very bright C3 Luminous Hour markers allowing you to see the watches in the dark with ease.

A replica watch can easily be spotted as a fake with the wrong type of crystal on the watch. Previous versions of crystals were foggy and were not coated with anti-reflective coatings which allowed a great amount of glare to occur when looking into the dial of the watch. The modern crystals are now sapphires, coated on both ends of anti-glare reflective coating which makes the sapphires crystal clear, giving watches a much more genuine look and feel compared to earlier models.

Rolex Sapphire Crystals
Rolex Sapphire Crystals

In the end, nothing completes a replica watch with details such as the Stems, Bezels, Straps and Clasps and the packaging which have all been fabricated and presented to look and feel like you’ve bought an original when you’ve in-fact paid only a fraction of the cost for a replica rolex watch